SLiPWire® XHHW-2                         

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True Sequential Footage and SLiPWire® Self Lubricating Polymer

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For use in conduit or other recognized raceways for service, feeder, and branch circuit applications
as specified in the NEC®. Good choice for industrial applications where better insulation toughness
and resistance to moisture and heat are desired. For use in wet or dry locations at temperatures
up to 90°C. Sunlight-resistant all colors 8 AWG and up. For CT use on 1/0 and larger. Gas and Oil
Resistant II.

Conductors Top of Page

Stranded conductors: Uncoated, soft copper per ASTM -B3 and ASTM-B8.

Insulation Top of Page

XLP (cross-linked polyethylene) with SLiPWire® Self-Lubricating Polymer (8 AWG and larger).
Printed with True Sequential Footage. 

Industry Standards Top of Page

UL 44-File No. E125474
c(UL) Standard C22.2 No. 38.10
Federal Specification A-A-59544
NFPA70: National Electrical Code®
NEMA WC70/ICEA S-95-658
RoHS Compliant

Rated Sunlight Resistant by UL in all colors 8 AWG and larger
Rated Sunlight Resistant by c(UL) in black only and 8 AWG and larger

*It is the sole responsibility of the end user to determine suitability of this product for its intended end use and application.

Surface Print Top of Page

Sample (14-10 AWG): CERROWIRE-U 14 AWG (2.08 mm2) (UL) XHHW-2 GRII 600V XL /
c(UL) RW90 (-40C) 600V

Sample (8-1 AWG): CERROWIRE-U SLIPWIRE 2 AWG (33.6 mm2) (UL) XHHW-2 GRII
SR 600V XL / c(UL) RW90 (-40C) 600V SR

Sample (1/0 - 750 MCM): CERROWIRE-U SLIPWIRE 500 KCMIL (253 mm2) (UL) XHHW-
2 GRII FOR CT USE SR 600V XL / c(UL) RW90 (-40C) 600V SR