Whether you’re an electrical contracting pro, or an apprentice who’s just learning the trade, CerroMax at The Home Depot makes it easy to distinguish 14/3 and 12/3 in a split second.

The power of color makes it better for inspectors, too. When you see light blue CerroMax NM-B, you know it’s 14/3. When you see purple, it’s 12/3.

Now that’s innovation. CerroMax NM-B. The only brand with new color coding on 14/3 and 12/3.

Starting in August, The Home Depot Stores in Central and South Florida only will stock their shelves with the new CerroMax™ light blue 14/3 and CerroMax™ purple 12/3 in 250-foot coils.

Cerrowire Light Blue™ and Cerrowire Purple™ are trademarks of Cerrowire.

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