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Our large gauge wire delivers power through the tighter twists and turns where extra-flexible wire makes the job a lot easier. Compared to traditional THHN/THWN-2 and XHHW-2, even the largest gauge CerroFlex can make a bend in a matter of inches, not feet.

CerroFlex bundles up to more than a thousand thin copper strands to give it amazing flexibility, plus it carries the same power specifications and insulation found in our standard Cerrowire THHN/THWN-2 and XHHW-2.
When you’re facing tight cabinet spaces, or sharp turns, choose CerroFlex — it’s a turn for the better.

  • Perfect for Data Centers and Water/Wastewater Plants
  • 1/0 through 750 kcmil
  • Multiple colors available
Spec Sheet PDFs:

True Sequential Footage

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500 kcmil
37 Strands


500 kcmil
1,221 Strands


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