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Flexible Electrical Wire

Our large gauge wire delivers power through the tighter twists and turns where extra-flexible electrical wire makes the job a lot easier. Compared to traditional THHN/THWN-2 and XHHW-2, even the largest gauge CerroFlex can make a bend in a matter of inches, not feet.

CerroFlex bundles up to more than a thousand thin copper strands to give THHN/THWN-2 and XHHW-2 wire amazing bendability, plus it carries the same power specifications and insulation found in our standard Cerrowire.

When you’re facing tight cabinet spaces, or sharp turns, choose our flexible electrical wire, CerroFlex — it’s a turn for the better.

  • Our flexible electrical wire is perfect for Data Centers and Water/Wastewater Plants.
  • 1/0 through 750 kcmil
  • Multiple colors available
Spec Sheet PDFs:

True Sequential Footage

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500 kcmil
37 Strands


500 kcmil
1,221 Strands


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