SLiPWire by Cerrowire - Example

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Cerrowire introduces a new product to its lineup: Metal-Clad Cable with our two-, three- or four-circuit THHN/THWN conductors and a green insulated ground. Our innovative exterior coding system is highly visible and designed so electricians can quickly and easily identify what’s inside the armor. Cerrowire takes the guesswork out of MC Cable installation.

Cerrowire Innovations

  • Chevron Colors: Indicate the number & color of conductors
  • Chevron Direction: Indicates the recommended pull direction for quick installation
  • Cable Size: Indicates wire gauge & the number of conductors
  • Footage Marker: Black line = aluminum armor
  • True Sequential Footage: Shown every two feet

The MC cable from Cerrowire is not greasy like some other brands. My hands stay clean. No paying to replace white ceiling tiles we messed up.

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