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Introducing the ReelRover – a game-changing wire management device that improves productivity at both the distributor and on the job site.

Those awkward, heavy reels are hard to maneuver, slow productivity, and eat up manhours. With Cerrowire’s new ReelRover, you can tame the beast.

  • No forklift or pallet jack required
  • Smooth payout
  • Adds control with transmission & gears
  • Improves job site safety
  • Get the latest product sheets

Check out the videos of the ReelRover in action & see how you can tame the beast!

Job Site Game Changer

Improves Productivity

For more helpful tools & information visit our ReelRover Tools page.

Comments from the field

10 runs, 4000 ft of wire, 3 hours. Someone should have told the Guinness Book you guys were bringing these things!

Lead Electrician #2 from

It’ll save your back for sure.

Electrician from

Our electrical contractor called and  “would like to have the ReelRover on all power pads going forward”

Sales Leader from

You don’t understand: I couldn’t have moved this reel uphill by myself before. Now I can.

Electrician from

The width and the smooth pull were great in the tight spaces on this job!

Electrician from

We saved 1 to 1.5 hours on this job

Electrician #1 from

We would not have made it over the finished tile without ReelRover

Electrician #2 from

We cut 8 hours from the project – 2 people at 4 hours

Electrician #1 from

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Find out how the ReelRover can improve productivity and safety on the job site.


Find out how the ReelRover makes loading and moving wire faster and easier.

Need to Tame the Beast?

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