Q: When will the ReelRover be available?
A: We are ready to talk to you today. Please contact Cerrowire’s manufacturing representatives.

Q: How is the ReelRover different than the competition for wire cutting and paralleling teams?
A: The ReelRover has a fully integrated reel and can pull up to your wire cutting and paralleling equipment, so there is no need to use a forklift to move and disassemble A frames or to move compartmentalized reels or wooden reels.

Loading wire can begin after one or two easy-to-use adapters are placed on your wire cutting and paralleling equipment.

Loading ground wire is simplified because there is a locking free-spinning ground compartment. No need to disassemble compartmentalized reels or get another wooden reel.

Q: How is the ReelRover different from the competition for my delivery teams?
A: The ReelRover has the option to be loaded and delivered without a pallet jack or forklift because of the gearbox, industrial casters and puncture-proof tires.

The ReelRover fits easily on most lift gates.

Forklift pockets are included in the chassis.

Q: What are the dimensions of the ReelRover?
A: 60 inches long, 32 inches wide, 65 inches high, and unloaded weight of 800 lbs. The ReelRover fits through finished doors, in elevators, and on most liftgates.

Q: What reel types are available on the ReelRover?
A: The reels can be customized on the ReelRover. There are three types available:

4 Compartments
3 conductor compartments + 1 free-spinning ground compartment

2 Compartments
1 conductor compartment + 1 free-spinning ground compartment

1 Compartment


Q: How much wire can the ReelRover hold?
A: You can fully load the reel.

Q: How much will the ReelRover cost?
A: The ReelRover will be leased to select Cerrowire distribution partners.  Please call your manufacturer’s representative for a ReelRover Value Calculator demonstration.

Q: Where is the ReelRover manufactured?
A: In the USA.

Q: Who maintains and services the ReelRover?
A: We designed the ReelRover with maintenance in mind, and Cerrowire will provide maintenance and service. We will define a preventative maintenance schedule, and have a repair and replacement program.

Service and maintenance details will be defined at time of lease.


Cerrowire markets through a number of quality retailers and manufacturer’s representatives.