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Get on Track With CerroPack, the Best Electrical Wire Spool!

On the ground or on a lift, CerroPack pulls straight and fast every time. At less than 30 pounds, this electrical wire spool is lighter and easier to transport than traditional put-ups, resulting in less fatigue and less weight to lug around.

Comfortably carry CerroPack right to the raceway. Line up our CerroPack copper and aluminum cable dispenser in any configuration, then pull all your circuit at once. And the best part, with REELEX® technology, it’s always tangle-free. CerroPack runs fast in the straightaways and pulls smooth through the turns. Our innovative electrical wire spool’s design lets it pay out just the amount you need, preventing waste, while keeping what you didn’t use clean and easy to transport to the next job. When you start your job with a quality electrical wire spool like CerroPack, you’re on the fast track to get it done right.

  • 14, 12 & 10-gauge
  • Available in solid or stranded
  • Easier to transport
  • Faster set up
  • Pulls straight and clean every time
  • Labor saving
  • Less waste
  • No tension, twists or tangles
  • Right size for mid-length pulls
  • Convenient storage
  • Wire stays clean and protected
  • No special equipment needed

Check out the video of our wire roll in action & see how you can get on track!

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