May be used as flexible cord for wiring portable tools, appliances, equipment, small motors and other associated machinery. Highly flexible with good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics when installed as specified by the National Electrical Code® (NEC) and other applicable standards.

SJOOW may be used in wet or dry locations. It is heat, moisture, ozone, sunlight and oil-resistant EDPM Rubber.


Insulated Conductors

  • Bare flexible, stranded copper conductors insulated with EDPM rubber resistant to heat, ozone, moisture and oil cabled with fillers to maintain roundness.
  • A black heat-, moisture- and oil-resistant CPE jacket is extruded over the entire assembly.
Industry Standards

UL 62
NEC Article 400
OSHA Acceptable

Surface Print

Sample: (UL) C(UL) SJOOW 3/C 10 AWG (7.37mm2) 90 FT2 300V E215210 100281-001


Cerrowire markets through a number of quality retailers and manufacturer’s representatives.