Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System

18 AWG, Multi-Conductor


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Cerrowire® Sprinkler System Wire is 18 AWG made to customer specifications with 4, 5, 7, or 10 conductors, suitable for direct burial on applications up to 30 volts, including field and central controls for underground sprinkler systems. 50’, 100’ and 500’ lengths.

  • direct burial
  • fixture wire
  • sprinkler systems

Insulation is 0.016″ nominal-wall SR-PVC, and jacket is 0.025″ nominal-wall black polyethylene with a parallel ripcord.

Industry Standards

UL® Direct Burial Sprinkler Systems Wire
C(UL) Lawn Sprinkler Systems Wire
EU RoHS Directive


6 to 10 soft bare copper conductors (to order) are twisted without fillers to a LHL.

4- and 5-conductor constructions are parallel.

Surface Print

Sample: E107861 (01-12345) 18 AWG 30 V DIRECT BURIAL SPRINKLER SYSTEMS WIRE (UL) E323899 30 V DIR BUR LSS C(UL) (MM/YY) RoHS


Cerrowire markets through a number of quality retailers and manufacturer’s representatives.