Cerrowire’s True Sequential Footage™ innovation is unlike other sequentially printed cables. It provides accurate footage beginning at 0 at the bottom of the reel and ends with the finished length at the top of each reel. We guarantee that both the length and the accuracy of the individual sequential footage markings on our Cerrowire Master Reels* will be within ± ½ % of the tagged footage.

With True Sequential Footage you know where to cut for a precise, accurate length and how many feet are left on the original reel at a glance. That’s inventory and length cost control.

We do the Math, so you don’t have to!

*Master Reels with True Sequential Footage
1 AWG - 500 MCM2500' and longer
600 MCM2000' and longer
750 & 1000 MCM1500' and longer


Cerrowire markets through a number of quality retailers and manufacturer’s representatives.