Let us manage your copper scrap, and you’ll get more money per copper pound.


  1. Begin collecting copper building wire scrap.
  2. When a shipment is ready (based on what is convenient for you; there is no minimum), contact your Customer Service Representative to initiate return. At this time Cerrowire will lock in the spot COMEX copper price as the base for the return transaction.
  3. Ship the container freight prepaid to the location provided.
  4. After the yield has been verified by the scrap processor, Cerrowire will issue a credit memo at the previously locked in COMEX copper price minus a $0.35/lb. processing and reclamation fee. (This will take 30-45 days after shipment.)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Do not send any metals other than copper.
  • Send only building wire.
  • Do not send any wire or cable that contains: aluminum, tin, armored coax, lead, fiberglass, or telephone wire.
  • Do not send any reels or packaging materials.
  • Please contact Cerrowire if a container to collect the scrap is needed.
  • Contamination of the scrap by any of the above materials will increase the processing and reclamation fee and be paid by the scrap producer.


Cerrowire markets through a number of quality retailers and manufacturer’s representatives.